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National Veterinary Technician Week! (October 13-19th) Providing compassionate care for all animals. A special thank you to all my fellow techs for what you do. 🐾❤️


Seriously though! Lol.


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if you leave me, i dies ;( 

My dog when I leave for class… he acts like I’m leaving for good

This is my last semester which wasn’t supposed to be hard… til I piled on some added pre-reqs. Needless to say I’m dying. A slow and painful death under the weight of all my work.


Brilliant Blue Jay | by: (djsime)


Jaguar turns into Jaws | by: (Justin Black) - Brazil

This is the astonishing moment a jaguar emerged from the water to launch a ferocious attack on a caiman basking on a sand bank. These stunning images show the 20-stone cat striking with lightning speed while the eight-foot reptile basks on a river island in Brazil. In a flurry of action, the ferocious cat sinks its teeth and claws into the back of the leathery reptile before whisking it away in its jaws. - written by Anthony Bond

Footage of the attack


By fluffie-bunnie


beverly and dereck joubert (of “the last lions" fame) spent a year in botswana’s okavango delta following a mother leopard, who had already lost five previous cubs to hyenas and baboons, and her new cub, legadema. they recount one particular incident:

"despite her deep fear of baboons, legadema one day killed an adult female. when she discovered a newborn clinging to the baboon mother’s fur, the situation took a bizarre turn.

"the tiny baboon innocently reached out to legadema, accepting her as its new mother. legadema initially seemed confused, but for the next four hours watched over the baby baboon. after playing with the orphan, legadema then groomed the baby and gently carried it to safer branches higher in the tree whenever it cried.

"legadema and the baby baboon then cuddled together and went to sleep. but before the night was over, the cold would claim the life of the helpless infant."


Artificial Reef (by ScottS101)

(via 500px / Croc Eye and Damselfly by Peter O’Hara)


He’s my pride and joy! - Germany

A dog has become stepfather to a rare white lion born in captivity in Germany that was rejected shortly after birth by his mother. Pointer mix Lejon, two, and three-week-old lion cub Jojo are inseparable since meeting at the Safari Park in Stukenbrock in north-west Germany. JoJo was initially separated from his mother because of a belly button infection but when carers tried to reunite the pair, she shunned him.

Friesian horse

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